Top 10 best Arts, Science, Learning in Antwerp

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Top 10 best Arts, Science, Learning in Antwerp

This is the list of the top ten best Arts, Science, Learning in Antwerp based on WikiFun users votes. The selection is based on all places located in 205 cities within 30 km around Antwerpen, Anvers 2000. The Arts, Science, Learning listed below are those that received the highest number of votes. Please help us improve the relevance of this page by voting for the best Arts, Science, Learning you would recommend in the area. You will contribute to bringing more fun to all the visitors of this page. To participate and vote, it's really simple : find your preferred places by using the search engine and once you find it click on "Vote" : Your selected places will receive one additional vote and you will increase the likelyhood of them being listed in this page of the Top ten Arts, Science, Learning in Antwerp. If you do not find the venue you would like to vote for, you can add it by clicking on 'Add a new place". Thank you for your help !
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(<10 votes)
Musée des sciences (Technopolis)  (Mechelen, 2800)
Venez découvrir nos avctivités ...
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(<10 votes)
Academie voor Mineralogie (ACAM) Antwerpen Academie voor Mineralogie (ACAM)  (Antwerpen, 2170)
Het mineralogisch museum van ACAM beschikt over een grote collectie mineralen en fossielen. Niet enkel handstukken maar ook enkele markante kristalgroepen, die menig groot museum ons benijden, staan te kijk. ...
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(<10 votes)
Coördinatiemusea  (Antwerpen, Anvers, 2000)
Coördinatiemusea is listed in Museums. ...
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(<10 votes)
Horlogerie Museum Mechelen Horlogerie Museum  (Mechelen, 2800)
Le musée d’horlogerie est un musée privé de caractère. Jozef Op de Beeck, gère le musée avec sa fille Elke. Les deux sont des restaurateurs d’horloges et montres anciennes. Pendant ...
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(<10 votes)
Middelheimmuseum  (Antwerpen 2, Anvers 2, 2020)
En 1950 la ville d'Anvers organisait une exhibition en plein air dans le parc Middelheim. C'était un si grand succès, que on a décidé de réformer le parc dans une ...
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