Théâtre des Martyrs, Bruxelles Brussel

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Theatre de la Place des Martyrs

Theatre de la Place des Martyrs

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The Théâtre de la Place des Martyrs offers a rich and varied program of popular works of classical and contemporary theater. Organized in the mode of companionship, he meets in within three companies, Freedom Theatre, Biloxi and 48 respectively The Servant directed by Daniel Scahaise, Christine and Philippe Delmotte Sireuil.

Season 2011 - 2012
Great room
The Imaginary Invalid by Molière in the 20/09/11 16/10/11
Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand of 27/10/11 to 10/12/11
My Monkey Business vocal Bruno Coppens from 14/12/11 to 31/12/11
The Sabotage of love with Amélie Nothomb 12/01/12 to 18/02/12
The Queens Normand Chaurette of 01/03/12 to 31/03/12
Ionesco's The Bald Soprano at the 18/04/12 26/05/12
Small Hall
Gustave Alexandre and Jean-Francois 23/09/11 to 22/10/11 Viot of
The Heart of the children of Leopard Wilfried n'Sondé 26/10/11 to 05/11/12
In Praise of Idleness of Domique Rongvaux B Russell from the 08/11/11 to 10/11/11
The Roland Diablogues Dubillard of 15/12/11 to 31/12/11
The Case of Jekyll Christine Montalbetti 11/01/12 to 18/02/12
I stand before you naked by Joyce Carol Oates from 02/03/12 to 31/03/12
The name of Klara's Aaron Soazig 18/04/12 to 26/05/12

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    Théâtre des Martyrs - Bruxelles Brussel - 1000  Théâtre des Martyrs - Bruxelles Brussel - 1000  Théâtre des Martyrs - Bruxelles Brussel - 1000  Théâtre des Martyrs - Bruxelles Brussel - 1000 

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    22 place des Martyrs
    1000 Bruxelles Brussel

    Opening hours

    Spectacles à 19h les mardi et samedi, 20h15 du mercredi au vendredi et à 16h le dimanche


    02 223 32 08

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